How do we build it? 

Pumpkin Checkers & Tic Tac Toe

Play these classic games with your family and friends on an extra large game board where instead of wood or plastic the pieces are pumpkins!

Take a Hay Ride in the beautiful Indiana countryside. The ride takes you around the pumpkin patch through the corn field and woods and then next to the farmers homestead before your 20 minute ride is finished. Along the ride you can see all kinds of critters from raccoons, deer, and opossum. You will even get to see the farmers beef cattle that are raised on the farm!

Hay Rides

Pumpkin Patch 

Bring your family and Friends to one of Indiana's largest and most unique pumpkin patches! with over 75 different types of pumpkins and gourds to choose from there will be something for the whole family. The patch has pumpkins ranging from 50 pounds to small decorative gourds. In the pumpkin patch are blue, red, white, green, orange, striped, and spotted pumpkins. Whether they are for decorating, painting, or carving, these pumpkins are great for the whole family!

Amazing Fall Fun has the largest Corn Maze in Northeastern Indiana! Our giant 12 acre corn maze is split into two different phases. The first phase takes 20 - 30 minutes to complete and is the recommended maze for our young and new corn maze adventurers. If you are up for a challenge you can try phase 2. It takes 40 - 50 minutes to complete and will test your abilities physically and mentally. Throughout the maze you will find games to play with the family to have fun and help you find your way through. Don't be worried about getting lost we have several farmhands or "Corn Cops" that will help you to an emergency exit or give clues on which path to take if you need help. 

Corn Maze

Duck Races

Wheelbarrow Racing

Corn Box

Who can race their duck the fastest! Try out this fun family acticity and use an old fashioned hand pump to race your rubber duck through the channels

Special Events


Farmer Foosball

Keep hitting the ball to see who will get it wrapped around the pole first!

The 10 ft. x 10 ft. corn box is a blast for kids of all ages! (even the adult ones). The corn box is full of shelled corn and is a lot of fun to dive into and play. The box is stocked with trucks, pales, shovels, and other toys. 

Corn Hole

You cant have a Corn Maze without Corn Hole! After you enjoy getting lost in the maze, enjoy a friendly game of beanbag toss. 

This simple equation will always be a favorite of kids. Lots of HAY piled HIGH = MOUNTAINS of FUN! While they are climbing in the hay, they can also crawl or slide down the many tube slides in the mountain.  

You played the game now be a part of it! Giant foosball for up to 12 people per game. You don't want to miss out on this amazing activity!

Find a partner and load them into the wheelbarrow. Race your opponents around an obstacle course to see who make it back to the finish line first!

Hay Mountain