Jumbo Jumping Pillow
Come check out the Jumbo Jumping Pillow. A blast for all ages!
Pumpkin Patch
Our huge pumpkin patch has thousands of pumpkins of every size shape and color. In fact, this year we have more than 40 different varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn. Pick them right off the vine or choose from some that we have pre-picked for you.
Take a Hay Ride in the beautiful Indiana countryside. The ride takes you around the pumpkin patch through the corn field and woods and then next to the farmers homestead before your 20 minute ride is finished. Along the ride you can see all kinds of critters from raccoons, deer, and opossum. You will even get to see the farmers beef cattle that are raised on the farm!
The Barrel Roll
Get in the "Barrel" and race your friends to see who can roll the fastest!
Straw Mountain
This simple equation will always be a favorite of kids. Lots of STRAW piled HIGH = MOUNTAINS of FUN! While they are climbing in the hay, they can also crawl or slide down the many tube slides in the mountain.
Duck Races
Who can race their duck the fastest! Try out this fun family activity and use an old fashioned hand pump to race your rubber duck through the channels
The Corn Box
The 10 ft. x 10 ft. corn box is a blast for kids of all ages! (even the adult ones). The corn box is full of shelled corn and is a lot of fun to dive into and play. The box is stocked with trucks, pales, shovels, and other toys.
Farmer Foosball
You played the game now be a part of it! Giant foosball for up to 12 people per game. You don't want to miss out on this amazing activity!
Pumpkin checkers & Tic Tac Toe
Play these classic games with your family and friends on an extra large game board where instead of wood or plastic the pieces are pumpkins!
We gathered a few of our favorite hens and roosters to interact with. You can feed them corn and even get into a "crowing" competition with them.
Tire Tower
Climb the tractor tires and slide down the tube slide. Who can get up to the top first?
Straw Bale Maze
Try out our challenging and fun hay mazes. See who can solve them and be maze champion!
Barnyard Goats
Willie and Nillie our are farm goats and love being pet or eating corn.
Corn Hole
Its Indiana so you know there has to be corn hole. Play with friends or sign up your team for the Amazing Fall Fun Corn Hole Tournament.
Farmer Fastball
Can you hit the broad side of a barn?
Get your team and see who is the strongest. This is one of our farm favorites!
Wheelbarrow Races
Find a partner and load them into the wheelbarrow. Race your opponents around an obstacle course to see who makes it back to the finish line first.
Pig Pals
Visit our pigs, they are friendly and love being scratched behind the ears.
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All attractions may not be open at all times due to weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances





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Corn Maze HOURS

Friday 5 PM - 10 PM

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2020 Maze Season:

Sept. 18th through Nov. 1st

Farmer Foosball

You played the game now be a part of it! Giant foosball for up to 12 people per game. You don't want to miss out on this amazing activity!